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2 years ago

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This is a representation of what happened this week - end, and was inspired by an event that took on vacation ( see flashing in Turkey 07. 12. 11 ). was my birthday on Friday, so we decided oldgrannytube to go out at night. My partner agreed that I had to choose her outfit. It was actually quite similar to what was in Turkey, with a black and a gray oldgrannytube skirt with zipper in the center. Then I have a red push-up bra strap had selected six stockings full of red, gray and red slip small nylon and a half. chancing my luck a little, and offered me his love of plastic balls I think they are called. ( There are two plastic balls, inserted). Had not been used for years. The journey to the restaurant was pretty uneventful, we find two trucks on the side, while the skirt is completely up driving. While in the restaurant, I have to gradually tighten the skirt zipper top. She was a little nervous, as she thought she was a little too revealing. I said:everyone can see everything is about an inch of the red, which is not outrageous. So the time it left the restaurant in the zip was half way. We took to the streets where there are many bars and got a seat on the small patio. Surprisingly, it was the only night it had not rained and was pretty hot. He sat in front of him, oldgrannytube while I had our drinks. I whispered that it was now his first challenge, and must go to the bathroom and remove them from slipping. He did, and when she opened her legs a little. I had a little pre - planning done, and I said it was time for their final challenge. This was just a little fantasy / role playing game for me, but I think it is. few days before I oldgrannytube had masturbated in a condom. I told him to go to the bathroom again and have a new use, unopened condom in my pocket. wanted not going to see or hear what happened until we got home. If you are still open,I disapponited. I lied, I would have seen this pub on the Internet and is an honor - hole between the end of the bathrooms for men and women. was pure coincidence that the bathrooms were unisex and men and women swirled together inside. When he came out again sitting opposite me with a smile on his face. She said she had a gift for me and gave the balls of love. Her legs were oldgrannytube slightly open and you could see the top half. If you look closely you could see, had no pants on. I looked around a few times and saw the guys looking rather tense. A As we walked towards the car went left, we are in a side street that was poorly lit. I completely undid the lock and the kiss that I had my hand between her legs. In conclusion, the car arrived, the road was fairly light and there were some lights placed on the sidewalk. Did we have more than one, as we kissed again and held her skirt away, passing motorists probably got a good view. When crossing the street to the parking lot, we had to step over a low wall to come here, I have a huge thrill when she swung a leg over and it oldgrannytube is complete with stockings, suspenders and pussy full view expressed, albeit briefly, in passing cars. , meanwhile, became so forth, I asked if we can sit on the wall for a short time while she had a cigarette. It was wonderful to see her sitting with the skirt open even when people walking by. Although it was relatively dark, I'm sure some guys have a beautiful view. I took to the streets where there is a wall that was part of something, and went after him. Here, of course, we kissed like crazy, and I was fingering her to orgasm, all stained your socks. When it came second, I wanted to catch me. I was not sure what to do, I still like the house idea and check that the condom. I knew if I fucked her now would not be able to return to halfHour later. At this point, there were strong male voices, which I found off the road, but it is highly unlikely
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